Outage Notifications

11/03/21–3pm – Internet service to Rico is restored! Thank you all for your patience through this ordeal. We know this has been frustrating for you– it has been frustrating for us too as we waited for that damaged fiber line owned by our upstream carrier in Telluride to be correctly spliced. If your individual internet service is still not back online, please try to reboot your modem or call tech support.

11/03/21–940am-We have received an update that the damaged fiber cable is restored and phone service should be back, but there is some “internet uplink equipment upstream that is offline”. Century Link is working on it and ETA is unfortunately still unknown.

1/1/2021 – RICO Outage @ 1:55pm

We are aware of a current phone and Internet outage in Rico. Investigating, unknown cause/reason.

3am -Outage update: cause of the outage is damaged Centurylink fiber outside of Telluride that is affecting telephone, internet, and cell service for the town of Rico. Crews are working on it and ETR is Tuesday morning.

1031am -Update:  Crews are still working on the damaged fiber in Telluride; they have run into a few problems while excavating.  New ETR would be 4:00 PM  today.

3pm – Contractors are still working on the damaged fiber–new ETR we have been given from upstream carrier is 7pm. Unfortunately, this is a problem outside of our control and outside our local exchange but all Rico traffic flows through this fiber route.