Outage Notifications

11/03/21–3pm – Internet service to Rico is restored! Thank you all for your patience through this ordeal. We know this has been frustrating for you– it has been frustrating for us too as we waited for that damaged fiber line owned by our upstream carrier in Telluride to be correctly spliced. If your individual internet… Continue reading Outage Notifications

How to Register to Pay Your Rico Bill Online

Paying your Rico bill online is easy. One-time online billing account setup is necessary.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to register for a new account once you enter the Rico online payment system:

Pure Stream Broadband

Now get Internet Service without paying for phone service. We have installed all new electronics in Rico and are rolling out the latest VSDL technology plus new subscription options. New PureStream Broadband is 100% pure Internet Service with speeds up to 50 Mb per second. Now just $110 per month. Or choose speeds up to… Continue reading Pure Stream Broadband